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Grow Ties Bars up to 121 employees and have large-scale of annual sales amount, moved into a new big factory building. Design   studio department and sales team enlarged a lot.

achievement even more remarkable is that

Breaking the record meant that he would have to assemble a 170 lb. In New York City, where there are thousands of apartments with limited access, one popular answer is to hire one of several delivery firms that specializes in breaking sofas apart and then rejoining the parts once the piece is in the designated room. A patented sofa assembly system has been developed by a North Carolina manufacturer which permits its custom sofas to be fully assembled in 15 minutes by a single person. Remember when assembling your own sofa was a 1-2 hour job with dozens of parts fastened with little hex wrenches and a dozen pages of multilingual instructions? Those sofas are still available. The difficulty of assembling RTA furniture keeps many prospective customers away from the product. sofa by himself in less than 5 minutes. In his first time on video.


Skyler was clearly the star of the show. He does not need any help and he does not need any tools.Self-Assembly Sofa record broken by an 8 Year old. What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that 8 year old Skyler does not appear to be hurrying, racing or rushing. Skyler Miller shows that today's self-assembly sofas are so simple even a child can do it. Now there are other options. From start to finish, the video took only 3 minutes and 51 seconds. sofa and even fluffs the cushions. The YouTube video demonstrates just how simple the Assembly really is. This costs hundreds of dollars and voids any warranty you may have had on the furniture, but many people think it is their only option. Queen-size sleeper sofas that can also be assembled in 15 minutes can also be purchased. However, when faced with narrow doorways or stairs, there can be few options.


Before going for the main event, Skyler warmed up by practicing on the $1000 couch. full-size sofa. He took it apart and put it back together 5 or 6 times before he was ready to go after the record. The existence of high quality custom RTA sofas that can be assembled in only 15 minutes is a well-kept secret, known only by the select few who have stumbled across it online. Skyler shyly introduces himself and then proceeds to assemble the 170 lb. No tools are needed. 60 lb.


A recently made YouTube video shows just how far the RTA upholstered furniture industry has come in recent years. Of course few people believed this hype, so the company enlisted the help of Skyler Miller, a diminutive 8 year old who weighs less than half as much as one of their sofas. Because these RTA sofas are custom made, they can be purchased in more than 100 different fabrics and with dozens of custom silk tie cushion and slipcover options. Skyler's video can be seen below.